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CIAO Ristorante + Enoteca

Merging cultures in southeast Missouri.

Il Racconto.

In the heart of the Midwest, quality pasta can be hard to find. Until now. CIAO Ristorante and Enoteca is Cape Girardeau’s authentic Italian cuisine experience.

At the dawn of the ristorante and enoteca, it was not clear what the community needed in an Italian dining experience. They began as an upscale establishment for fine dining, but as need revealed itself, we helped them change direction to what the people wanted: casual Italian food with friends.


Branding, Environmental, Web Design, Social, Print, Menu Design
First Impressions
We developed a unique menu presentation, featuring hand-crafted hardwood, to establish the authentic experience to come. 


From environmental graphics to brand identity to online presence, we worked with every aspect of CIAO to develop their strategy into something dynamic. Now they are a prime location for family, friends and business colleagues who want something mouthwatering and different.
'Ciao' means ​hello​ among friends. Welcome to our table. Salute!
Launching a brand.
We tackled the introduction of a new dining experience through print, web design, custom environmentals, direct mail, and social media campaign.

Happy ending.

Today, Ciao thrives as one of three restaurants in Su Hill's family of eateries. In addition to work completed for the Ristorante, we've also provided branding, print, photography and website solutions for pho8 and bistro saffron.