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Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, athlete, and writer.
He travels the globe sharing his message of “no excuses.".


Kyle is well established as a motivational speaker because of his incredible story. As his persona grows, he wanted an online presence that could keep up with his audience. In addition, he wanted to create a secondary brand that inspired people to achieve their goals on a more personalized level.
We pored over the industry of motivational speakers and stellar athletes. Then we created a brand identity and dynamic website for Kyle that highlights all that he offers in addition to being entirely follower-centric, generating immediate inspiration.
The Brand.
As a growing persona, Kyle needed a brand identity. A mark that represented both his name and his mountain climbing lifestyle.

We developed this iconic mark along with a complementary color palette that draws from the outdoors Kyle is so at home in and the spark of life he brings to any engagement.