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RM COCO is dedicated to covering the world in bolts of quality fabric. They are an international distributor, working directly with designers to create beautiful custom products.


RM COCO is a booming international business with a rich history. The changes in technology, retail shifts and consumer habits required a website that made everything easier for buyers all over the world, from connection to creation to transaction.
Existing logo marks and sub-brands were reworked to establish the elegant style of the site design.
WebSITE Design
A complete overhaul of the site architecture and design was created for a better user experience.
Custom, on-site photography and curated images from distributors were deployed throughout the build.


An entirely updated e-commerce solution was developed, integrating a robust existing inventory system, that gives users the best shopping experience possible and positions RM COCO as a major player in the industry. Custom filters allow customers to review product across a variety of categories and as many material types. A new color palette and style guide were created for the site's construction.


The new, streamlined online experience was aided by the creation consistency in color, iconography and image use. A muted color palette was created to showcase the multichromatic characteristics of RMCOCO's product line, while existing sub-brands were refined to match the elegance of the RMCOCO brand and website.