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An Athlete and a Scholar

The Semoball Awards was born in Cape in 2014.
They needed a way to make the event lively and fun, in addition to generating community interest.

The Semoball Awards

The Semoball Awards is a unique project for us and southeast Missouri. The show celebrated the best of the best in high school sports. Now in the show's third year, rustmedia has been instrumental in the event's production and success. In the months leading up to the event, we are involved at every level, from ticket sales to video production.
The above video was a special project for the 2016 Awards. Local prep athletes from school all over the region were brought together to produce the show's intro video. Focusing on the hard work and dedication each of these athletes brings to his or her respective sport, the short film served as the opening of the evening. Projected at thirty feet wide, these kids were truly larger than life.

Honoring the best of the best.

Featuring keynote speakers, like 2015's Jennie Finch, the Semoball Awards are kind of a big deal. To get them there, we've developed an event management approach that guarantees a successful evening. 
In the month's leading up to the event, the rustmedia crew handles everything. Print and digital advertisement for both the event and our sponsors are created on nearly a daily basis. A social media campaign begins that drives parents, athletes and the community to the SBA website, newly remodeled in 2016. Video production, photography and brand design are ongoing, providing content for the various promotions.

Behind the scenes, ticket sales, venue prep, catering services, invitations, trophy production, and all other logistical organization is handled by our project managers and event producer. Without these unsung priorities, the show could never go on. During the awards, rustmedia partners with an AV firm to set up and direct the show, from lights and hazers to giant projections and teleprompters.

Lifetime Acheivement

Beyond the 20+ honors awarded to high school athletes the night of the event, special recognition is paid to schools, coaches, and fans alike. rustmedia continues to produce the visuals and tell these special stories.
The night of the event is a true red carpet experience. The students and families are treated like stars when they arrive to the theater. Billed as "First Class and Unforgettable," the event delivers a unique experience year after year. Check out the trailer from last year's show: