5 Lessons from The Marketing Intern

The transition from classroom life to office life is a tricky move for some. Lucky for me, I had some incredible mentors and colleagues by my side that opened my eyes to how valuable and rewarding marketing is in 2019. I was able to witness what embodies true teamwork and dedication. Here are 5 tips for thriving no matter what phase of life you are in.

1. Be kind to everyone

From my first day at the job, I made an effort to smile and get to know every single person I worked with. Real-world communication skills and sincere care for people are treasured.

2. Be flexible

Anyone who has worked in an agency knows that it’s fast-paced and that no day looks the same. It’s important to learn how to multitask and to do it efficiently. Be prepared to take breaks from projects in order to complete other tasks.

3. Ask questions

Be curious. No seriously, speak up as soon as questions or concerns arise. I was quick to realize that detail-oriented people who ask questions from the beginning are valued more than those who cram last-minute projects without asking questions until the end.

4. Dabble in something new

One of the perks for working with a marketing agency is that you are within arm’s reach to a variety of dreamers and do-ers with different skill sets. It is a privilege to work so closely with graphic designers, writers, videographers, photographers and event planners. We all bring something unique that helps contribute to the finished product. No matter what your title is, don’t be afraid to branch out a little.

5. No amount of schooling can replace experiences

While taking classes helped prepare me to work with clients, there is no substitute for real life scenarios. Each client is unique with different needs, desires, and goals. To effectively be able to provide the best quality of service, thinking on your feet and learning the nuances for each client is the best way to thrive and survive.