Meet Us Monday: What Inspires Us

"Meet Us Monday" is a new weekly' ish feature where we're giving you the chance to get to know the rustmedia team better – one question at a time.

Question: What inspires you?

Jamie: Kids inspire me. They are so simple yet so complex at the same time. I love that if a kid likes you then he or she likes you. There’s no bias based on gender, race, age, what you can do for them, etc. It’s simple and pure. Also, I think kids are dealing with really hard issues these days – far harder than anything I dealt with as a child. Yet, every day you see amazing stories of kids doing great things for their community, their school, and themselves.

Mia: Teenagers inspire me. They are incredible, creative, hilarious people who never cease to amaze me. Their mental and physical development is fighting against each other, and yet they continue to persevere and become. Even when they’re trying with everything they are to show you they’re unloveable, all they want is for someone to see them and tell them yes, you are good. That, to me, is beautiful.