Event Production — Why You Should Hire an Agency

We can give you 5 reasons.

So, you want to get in on the experiential marketing or event marketing trend. You’ve heard other companies are reaping the benefits, and you want to, as well. All you need is an idea, a place and a date, right? Wrong.

Event marketing is far more complicated. It takes time and resources — both of which are scarce in many organizations. Luckily, there are agencies (like Yours Truly) that want to put in the time and the work to make your event work for you.

Here are a few compelling reasons why it’s worth the time and money to hire a seasoned team instead of going DIY (you can save that for your next home project.)

1.   They know what works. More than likely, someone else has had your great idea. Now, that’s not to say yours isn’t better, but an agency can help you decide if your idea is uniquely better and a good fit for your company.

2.   They’re connected. A great idea only gets you so far. In order for your event to be a success, you have to know how to get the word out. To make the event seem so exciting that FOMO is 1,000% real. An agency can help make that happen. They have the tools and resources to spread the word about your event and to get others interested in it.

3.   They’ll save you time. All of the time you would have spent worrying about things such as logistics, permits, registrations and catering can now be spent doing what you do best — managing your organization.

4.   They’l help you establish a budget and set goals and measurements of success. Events are great, but they can easily grow larger than intended, taking time and money with them. An event agency can help you stay in budget and on a timeline.

5.    They can see the whole picture. Event marketing is just one component of the marketing mix. Working with an event agency allows you to develop an event plan that works with your other marketing efforts while adding to your bottom line.