Why Social Media Matters

There’s a spooky novel written by E. M. Forster called “The Machine Stops.” In the story (which I recommend for science-fiction enthusiasts), all of humankind lives underground and communicates with each other through screens—cyber conversation. It’s eerie for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest spook factors is its publication date: 1909.

The Machine Stops film adaptation.

This means that even before the dawn of the television, this story was created where humans relied on screens for interaction.

Even in 1909, people recognized two huge facts about communication: (1) it is vital for human existence and (2) the way we do it will never be static; it will always be changing.
Social media gets a lot of flack for being something that cheapens genuine human connection, but the reality is social media is simply a new way to communicate. More than 70% of adults are on social networking sites.

If that doesn’t grab you, maybe this will: 70% of businesses on social media have acquired customers through Facebook. The benefits of businesses on social media are twofold. When you connect with your customers online, you are able to speak and listen in a new way.

As business owners, you know how to adapt to changing times and changing technology. Do not let communication with your customers falter—join in the conversation.

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