When Your Plan Doesn’t Go as Planned

Whether you do it on your own or work with an agency, a time is probably going to come when your marketing efforts just aren’t working the way you want them to. If you did your homework and developed a strong marketing strategy before you started (see our previous blog for more on this) then you’ll probably be surprised. Will you throw your hands in the air and proclaim you’re never spending money on marketing again? Possibly. Will you blame your marketing team and show them the door? We certainly hope not!

If there’s anything we have learned over the years, it is that marketing is not a foolproof science. You can have awe-inspiring design combined with dynamite copy, but for whatever reason customers just don’t respond. What do you do then? You pivot. You get your team or a trusted group together and you develop a new plan. Maybe the design needs to be tweaked or the copy rewritten. Or maybe the creative is completely on point but the media being used to get the message out is not where your customers are. Once you’ve identified the problem, then you can take steps to get back on track. It might be a quick revision or it might mean developing a new campaign but no matter the path it is important to maintain a regular marketing presence. Keep in mind even the biggest of companies of companies can stumble when it comes to marketing. It’s that time of the year.