‘Tis the Season for Saying Thanks


When you’re a small team, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of making an agency run. There’s always more to be done than there is time or people. Before you know it, another year has passed, and you’re left wondering what you’ve done. So you get out the calendar (in our case, Basecamp), and you realize you’ve done A LOT.

In 2019, we’ve produced events that more than 5,000 people decided were worth attending. We’ve logged more hours than we can count of calls with clients we couldn’t make it without. And we’ve gone into the homes of more than 120,000 people — well, our publications have — to share beautiful art, inspiring words and business owners’ messages with the community.

Oh, and we’ve managed to take ourselves to 32 states, spending time with the ones who matter the most — our friends and family who forgive our late hours, distracted dinners and incessant polling over what bands they think need to be at the next Shipyard Music Festival.

We’re thankful for every experience we’ve had, every client we’ve worked with and every memory we’ve made. If you’re reading this, we’re grateful for you, too, and wish you a great holiday season.

Give us a call in 2020, and let’s see how we can learn more about each other.