Welcome to the team

We are thrilled to introduce the newest rustmedia team members, Aaron Eisenhauer and Nate Gautier.

For years, Aaron has been an extended member of the rustmedia crew and earlier this year he finally moved in. As our Photo + Video Producer, Aaron's expertise adds even more possibility and polish to the agency's creative.

Aaron's award-winning work has taken him around the country — from newsrooms to Universities to studios — telling stories and capturing the essence of an idea, brand, event or individual. This dedication to truth and quality is already elevating our event visuals, adding value for our clients, impacting our magazines and opening the doors to what is next.

Next on the lineup, Nate Gautier. You won't pronounce his name correctly and he's totally down with that. Nate joins the crew as Account Manager with a wildly diverse background, from healthcare to State investigation.

One aspect of the Bentonville transplant's journey is constant — Nate is truly passionate about people and sharing their stories. Through the web series "Walks with Nate," he introduces us to people in our community with a storyteller's ease. Through B Magazine, Flourish, Mind + Body and TBY, he brings brands to life in print.

Nate has an incredible story that shaped his life in the past year. We could lay it all out here, but it is much better from the man himself. Get in touch and hear his story. He is ready to share yours.

These additions mark an important point in the rustmedia story.Aaron is here to capture every frame of it. Nate brings it to life on paper.

Let them tell your story.