Professional Photography & Your Business

Thanks to smartphones and user-friendly DLSR cameras, it’s becoming easier and easier to discern photography as some sort of hobby or past time for the self-proclaimed coffee shop connoisseur. Outlets like social media are great for photography enthusiasts, but when it comes to marketing and your business, remember that professional, high-quality photography is a powerful, necessary tool.

Let’s be honest.

When people flip through a magazine or scrolling down their news feed, most of them aren’t going to stop and read every word that they see. What will they pay attention to? The pictures. Your marketing images must really grab their attention; that way they will stop to examine the rest of the ad. The right photograph will grab your audience’s attention, convey your message, and build brand loyalty.

The number one rule in product photography is that the consumer understands what it is you are selling immediately. This could even be taken a step further to say that the consumer should not only understand the product but also the benefit. Great product photography sells an idea more than a product. Let’s say, for example, you are trying to sell bottled water. You could take an expertly staged picture of a bottle of water, but when you put it out there for the world to see, exactly what they see will be: a bottle of water. Now throw some fruit and a couple five pound weights next to it and you’ve got a healthy alternative to sports drinks, perfect for a hard workout. You cannot guarantee people will slow down to see everything you’re trying to convey in your ad; that’s why you must make sure that the photo you choose does.

Despite the growing tech advances in iPhones cameras, the fact remains: there’s little you can do about a poorly lit office space, an un-staged shot and especially a vision without concept or direction. Professional photographers spend years—even lifetimes—perfecting their craft, and when it comes to commercial photography, it shows. If you want a great photo that will make your advertisement memorable, check out your professional options to really capture the essence of what you have to offer. A well-executed photograph makes all the difference.