Meet Us Monday: Movies that we love

Netflix queue already looking a little empty? Skip anything with the words virus or pandemic in the title and check out these rustmedia faves instead.

question: what is your favorite movie?

Jamie: The 1985 classicGirls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker. It has everything a child of the 80s could want big hair, spandex dancewear, the classic rich girl vs. everyday girl vying for the tough guy boy, and of course an epic soundtrack with gems you’ve never heard of but can’t help to dance to.

 Greg: As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80’s I was a fan of all of the Rocky movies staring Sylvester Stallone and to this day I still am. RockyBalboa, a nobody southpaw fighter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, going from a nobody to the champion in just a short amount of time. I wanted to be just likeRocky.

I liked the movie so much I can remember my parents getting me some boxing gloves one year for Christmas. I even had my school pictures taken with my Rocky shirt on – bowl haircut and all. I thought I was one bad dude. I remember a scene in the first movie where Rocky cracks open about 8-9eggs into a glass and drinks them raw before going for a jog. I tried getting my mom to let me try doing the same. Thankfully she didn’t let me.

I think what really attracted me to the movie so much was the feel-good story of the underdog getting his shot at the top prize and winning it all. Overcoming adversity and skeptics and coming out on top. Going from a nobody to a somebody. I think we all strive for this ourselves at time.  

To close with a fitting quote from the movie…“Yo Adrian, Idid it!”

 Jeff: Threat Level Midnight