Top 5 Reasons for a Business Blog

A quick Google search grants you access to the whole world. For example, a few weeks ago, Snapchat released the news that anyone can now create custom geo-filters for events. The first thing we did was jump on Google to find a blog with more information on the press release. Not only did we find one, but (as is usually the case with new software updates) there were tons to choose from, reinforcing what digital agencies have been saying for the last few years: your business needs a blog.

A business blog is a digital marketing tactic that increases your website’s visibility. A consistent and professional blog supports growth for your business. Similar to a personal blog, a business blog addresses a range of topics in brief bursts of text, and are based on things that are relevant in your industry and company.

Why is a blog right for your business? Simple.

A blog helps drive traffic to your website.

This is the biggest and most important reason. Search engines like Google and Bing love carefully curated and valuable content. They reward companies that put out great content by making their site more visible to Internet browsers.

Think of your biggest competitor. You both have great websites, but you have a blog that is regularly updated with fresh content and your competitor does not. Search engines will show your website to the potential customer first because your content is changing, showing an active interest in your industry on the part of your business.

Having a business blog establishes your authority in the industry.

When someone shares real-life information with another person, the other person appreciates it. For your business to be a success, it requires a lot of you. A blog is a chance for you to shine a light on yourself and show potential customers why you are the right choice for a working relationship.

Customers will appreciate that you are willing to share information that you have learned from trial and error with them. Don’t give away all of your trade secrets, but it wouldn’t hurt to share a little bit of wisdom with potential customers to make them trust you more.

Having a business blog drives long-term results for companies.

It’s true what they say: Once you put something on the Internet, it’s there forever. But far from being a bad thing, this longevity can actually help you in the long run. After you post a blog once, it can continue to get traffic for years.

Consider this study done by HubSpot.com that shows that leads generated from fresh content pale in comparison to the leads they get each month from older content. The more blogs you’ve stockpiled, the longer you’ve been established in the business and that stands to benefit you.

Business blogs tell your brands story

This is rustmedia’s favorite reason to have a blog, because we are in the business of sharing stories. Consumers are curious. They want to know who works for you and what they do. They want to see the face that answers their Facebook message or takes their phone call. Let your blog communicate who your company is and what sets it apart from everyone else.

A business blog is becoming increasingly more important to small- and mid-sized businesses. The rise of people relying on the internet as their primary source of information means that to be successful, your business needs to be a important part of a consumer’s first search.