Event Obsessed

Events are a dynamic marketing strategy for local businesses, and that’s why we dedicate so much of our resources and connections to creating new, innovative ways to connect clients with their audiences and improve our community.

Events like gala-style award shows, conferences, vendor expos, and community addresses from speakers like Cardinals manager Mike Matheny.

We honestly believe that events are more than just a gathering of people in a common space. When they’re done right, you can spark relationships, recognize individuals, and even inspire. Suddenly you’re not just having coffee one morning in a sunny atrium—you’re making a connection that will lead you toward a new life path. And that’s something pretty incredible. In a world saturated by digital media, the value of face-to-face connection cannot be overlooked.

The “full service” part of our agency promise means that we’re not just buying the party hats and setting the tables; we’re actually working with you to make this event a part of your brand identity. For most of our clients, our high quality event production builds their brand and helps acquire new, loyal customers for their business.

And we’re really excited because while we’ve had a lot of great experiences putting on events in remote locations, this fall we opened the space at the Rust Center for Media, a cool space called the Bullpen with big picture windows, natural light and a 9-screen digital wall. It’s gorgeous!

Rust Center for Media

Keep an eye out for more blogs about all of the cool events on deck in 2017 (hint: there’s a lot).